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BACHARACH, Colt, Barocci- Lolla´s Spirit/ Montjeu. 1/2 till Loving Spirit (TF 106) och Binoche.

FILLMORE WEST, Colt, Barocci- Graceful Pegasus/ Fuisachi Pegasus. 3rd foal.

GARCIA, Colt, Barocci- Full Footage/ Lando. 3rd foal

ANGUILLA, Colt, Barocci- Rum Sun n Sand/ Speightstown. 1/2 to Mr Tooma Global

MANCINI, Colt, Barocci- Sweet Fox Fever/ Stormin Fever. 1/2 to ALL OR NOTHING, BROOKLYN CARLRAS

NASHVILLE WEST, Colt, Barocci- Seeking the Storm/ Lujain. 1/2 to SKRIK, JULIAN DELAMERE.

ELUSIVE BUTTERFLY, Filly, Barocci- Love´s Mirage/ Pivotal: 1/2 to millionaire PISTOL

CARELESS WHISPER, Filly, Barocci- Flip Flopping Fly/ Orientate: 1/2 to Oaks 3rd KITTY CAT FLY

MAGNOLIA, Filly, Barocci- Agera Cass/ Mastercraftsman. 2nd foal.

TIME AFTER TIME, Filly, Barocci- Day to Shine/ Aldebaran. 1/2 to Svenskt Derby 2nd. Ramstein. Dam 1/2 to Time and Motion, Gr1

ETUDE, Filly, Barocci- Word in Spanish/ Funambule. 1/2 to Dea Kalejs, Tante Tove.

RISE N SHINE, Filly, Barocci- Lorca/ Eishin Dunkirk. 3rd foal. Dam full sister to champion filly Wakayama.

SILENT NIGHT, Filly, Night of Thunder- Raihaana/ Dynaformer. First foal.

MAHALIA, Filly, Eishin Dunkirk- Cotton House/ Mujadil. Dam TF 105.

MOUNTAIN, Colt, Eishin Dunkirk- Solid Platinum/ Belong to Me.

JANICE, Filly, Philomatheia- Dolphin´s Smile/ Eishin Dunkirk: Dam won Scania Sprint. 1/2 to TESORERO 3 million SEK.

Almrin Racing:

MADE BY MACK, Colt, Jimmy Mack- Made in Sweden/ Songline: First foal by stallion Jimmy Mack (Eishin Dunkirk)

MACK MAGIC, Colt, Jimmy Mack- Heart Risk/ Lion Heart.

Filly, Barocci- River of Dreams/ Eishin Dunkirk. First foal.

Teleko Racing:

LUNA KALEJS, Filly, Kingston Hill- Dea Kalejs/ Eishin Dunkirk: 2nd foal. Dam won Diana Trial.

Stall Skumpa:

TJABO, Colt, Barocci- Angel Light/ Most Welcome. Dam Filly of the Year. Listed- winner.2nd foal.

MecCom AB:

DEEP DIRECTION, Colt, Barocci- Shine Today/ Monarchos: 2nd foal. Dam 1/2 to Svenskt Derby 2nd RAMSTEIN

Hanna Sjöberg:

MADONNA DEL POPOLO,Filly, Barocci- Julie Chexx/ Spectacular Tide. First foal.



20 Jan: Battle of Marengo- Agera Cass/ Mastercraftsman: Brunt sto/ LADY OF THE CANYON

10 Feb: Archipenko- Easy Life/ Sir Percy: Brunt sto/ VENUS IN FURS

29 Feb: Eishin Dunkirk- Flip Flopping Fly/ Orientate: Br, sto/ RAMONE

4 Mars: Barocci- Rum Sun n Sand/ Speightstown: Svart, sto/ JAMAICA

7 mars: Eishin Dunkirk- Shine Today/ Monarchos: Br, sto/ SOUTH SIDE GAL

2 April: Eishin Dunkirk- Mandelblüte/ Sholokov: Fux, sto

3 Maj: Barocci- Energia Cintilante/ Torriental: Brun, sto/ DESAFINADO

5 Maj: Eishin Dunkirk- Lolla´s Spirit/ Montjeu: Brun, sto/ WHITE CHRISTMAS

16 Maj: Eishin Dunkirk- Full Footage/ Lando: Br, sto/ FOR THE ROSES

2 Juni: Philomatheia- Blue Jean Baby/ Spectacular Tide: Br, sto/ PINK DREAM

28 Feb: Footstepsinthesand- Dea Kalejs/ Eishin Dunkirk: Br, sto/ FILIA KALEJS (född på Irland)


11 Feb: Aussie Rules- Angel Light/ Most Welcome: Mbr hingst/ BRIGHT LIGHT

23 mars: Barocci- Lorca/ Eishin Dunkirk: Br, hingst/ COCHISE

26 mars: Barocci- Elfrida/ Bertolini: Br, Hingst/ GENTILDON

2 April Barocci- Seeking the Storm/ Lujain: Br, hingst/ OVER YONDER

14 April: Barocci- Sweet Fox Fever/ Stormin Fever: Gr/Br, hingst/ MOROCCO

15 April: Barocci- Word in Spanish/ Funambule: Br, hingst/ MAROON

1 Maj: Barocci- Graceful Pegasus/ Fusaichi Pegasus: Br, hingst/ IRON BUTTERFLY

1 Maj: Eishin Dunkirk- Heart Risk/ Lion Heart: Fux, hingst

3 Maj: Eishin Dunkirk- Catch me a Dream/ Cape Cross: Fux, hingst/ NANTUCKET

4 Maj: Barocci- Heart that Matters/ Carson City: Brun, hingst/ BACKDOOR MAN


Philomatheia- Graceful Pegasus/ Fusaichi Pegasus
- hingst- tredje fölet

Philomatheia- Rum Sun n Sand/ Speightstown
- hingst- första fölet

Swing that Cat- Day to Shine/ Aldebaran
- sto- Brodern Ramstein, 400,000 kr SÅEF

Philomatheia- Lorca/ Eishin Dunkirk
- hingst- första fölet u. helsyster till Årets Sto Wakayama

Philomatheia- Lady Alize/ Indian Charlie
- hingst- 1/2 till Red Caviar och Magnetic South

Philomatheia- Seeking the Storm/ Lujain
- hingst- syskon till bl.a. Skrik, Seeking Dunkirk, Julian Delamare och Fiddle and Drum

Philomatheia- Little Green Apple/ Funambule
- sto- syskon till bl.a. Frank Lloyd Wright, Virgil, Girl from Ipanema, Dolly Dagger

Eishin Dunkirk- Sweet Fox Fever/ Stormin Fever
- hingst- syskon till North Side Gal (Götalandlöpning), Stormzig, All or Nothing

Eishin Dunkirk- Word in Spanish/ Funambule
- sto- syskon till Dea Kalejs

Eishin Dunkirk- Cotton House/ Mujadil
- sto- syskon till River of Dreams

Philomatheia- Loves Mirage/ Pivotal
- hingst- syskon till Psiloritis och Pistol

Eishin Dunkirk- Lolla´s Spirit/ Montjeu
- hingst- andra avkomman i Sverige- första är Binoche


Philomatheia- Energia Cintilante/ Torriental- sto- andra fölet- Modern Dubai- vinnare, syster till Energia Dust och Energia Elegante.

Eishin Dunkirk- Solid Platinum/ Belong to Me
- sto- Samma "nick" som Lookin at Lucky

Eishin Dunkirk- Full Footage/ Lando
- sto- andra fölet

Guld i Vällingby AB

Eishin Dunkirk- Elfrida/ Bertolini
- hingst- första fölet

Almrin Racing


Philomatheia- Heart Risk/ Lion Heart- hingst- syskon till Glorious Risk


Eishin Dunkirk- Made in Sweden/ Songline- hingst- tredje fölet

SMS Racing HB


Philomatheia- French Madness/ Johar- hingst- tredje fölet



BINOCHE- Bated Breath- Lolla´s Spirit/Montjeu, sto, brun, 15/2.

GUESS WHO- Eishin Dunkirk- Seeking the Storm/ Lujain, sto, 21/4

FOREVER TOGETHER- Eishin Dunkirk- Love´s Mirage/ Pivotal, sto, 18/5

FABERGÉ- Philomatheia- Day to Shine/ Aldebaran, sto, 3/4

QUEENS- Philomatheia- Flip Flopping Fly/ Orientate, sto, 17/4

BROOKLYN- Philomatheia- Sweet Fox Fever/ Stormin Fever, sto, 18/4

CHOCOLAT- Philomatheia- Heart That Matters/ Carson City, sto, 27/4


ULYSSES- Swing That Cat- Solid Platinum/ Belong to Me, hingst, 6/5

MANASSAS- Eishin Dunkirk- Catch me a Dream/ Cape Cross, hingst, 4/4

BARTHOLDI- Eishin Dunkirk- Little Green Apple/ Funambule, hingst, 21/4

SONDHEIM- Eishin Dunkirk- Full Footage/ Lando, hingst, 20/5

SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY- Philomatheia- Lady Alize/ Indian Charlie, hingst, brun, 22/3

STEEL CLAW- Philomatheia- Kufoof/ Silver Hawk, hingst, 1/4

SMS Racing HB o Expromo HB

CAPTAIN KIRK- Eishin Dunkirk- French Madness/ Johar, hingst, fux, 31/3

Almrin Racing

THE EDGE- Eishin Dunkirk- Heart Risk/ Lion Heart, hingst, 3/4

MR SUAREZ- Philomatheia- Made in Sweden/ Songline, hingst, 27/4





ALL OR NOTHING- Eishin Dunkirk- Sweet Fox Fever/ Stormin Fever, hingst.(Helbror till North Side Gal)

BEGGING- Philomatheia- Kufoof/Silver Hawk, hingst (Helbror till Evans)DÖD

FIDDLE AND DRUM- Eishin Dunkirk- Seeking the Storm/Lujain, hingst (Helbror till Seeking Dunkirk, Skrik)

BARNY- Eishin Dunkirk- Asuncion/Most Welcome, hingst (3/4 till Jimmy Mack)

RED HOT CHILI- Eishin Dunkirk- Delta Downs/Deputy Minister, hingst (Helbror till Jimmy Mack, halv till Philadelfia)

PISTOL- Eishin Dunkirk- Love´s Mirage/Pivotal, hingst. Halvbror till PSILORITIS.


DOLLY DAGGER- Eishin Dunkirk- Little Green Apple/Funambule, sto (Helsyster till Virgil, Girl from Ipanema,  halv till Frank LLoyd Wright)

PINK STAR- Eishin Dunkirk- Blue Jean Baby/Spectacular Tide, sto (Helsyster till Pretty Boy Floyd,  halv till Maddox)

SMS racing:

PICASSO- Philomatheia- French Madness/Johar, hingst DÖD

MecCom Klippan AB:


RAMSTEIN- Summer Bird- Day to Shine/Aldebaran, hingst

CAT O NINE- Swing that Cat- Hidden Ransom/ Silver Ghost, hingst

CAT ON FIRE- Swing that Cat- Heart that Matters/ Carson City, hingst

CATCH- Swing that Cat- Graceful Pegasus/ Fuisachi Pegasus, hingst


SOLID EDGE- Swing that Cat- Solid Platinum/Belong to Me, sto

KITTY CAT FLY- Swing that Cat- Flip Flopping Fly/Orientate, sto

Lars Almrin Racing Stable:

Superstious- Layman- Heart Risk/Lion Heart, hingst

Hurricane Sandy-Layman- Made in Sweden/Songline, sto



Red Caviar  - Eishin Dunkirk- Lady Alize/Indian Charlie, sto

Elodie   -Philomatheia- Word in Spanish/Funambule, sto


Graceland Ticket  -Swing that Cat- Graceful Pegasus/ Fuisachi Pegasus, sto

Wonderful Top Fuel-  Stevie Wonderboy- Day to Shine/ Aldebaran, sto

Cat in Vegas  -Swing that Cat- Hidden Ransom/Silver Ghost, hingst

Stormzig  -Philomatheia- Sweet Fox Fever/Stormin Fever, hingst

Hillybilly Cat- Swing that Cat- Flip Flopping Fly/ Orientate, hingst

Red Means Go- Swing That Cat- Heart That Matters/Carson City, hingst

Las Pampas Polo Team

Julian Delamaire  -Academy Award- Seeking the Storm/Lujain, hingst

Conny och Wiola Mobeck

Pullman  -Philomatheia- Kufoof/Silver Hawk, hingst

Ture Lindblad

Breaking News  -Eishin Dunkirk- Miletrian Cares/Hamas, hingst

Almrin Racing

Lady Bombay- Mingun- Made in Sweden/Songline, sto

Glorious Risk- Gloria de Campeao- Heart Risk/Lion Heart, hingst


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